Restaurant – The Stonehaus in Beautiful Westlake Village

Visting Westlake Village in Southern California may be one of the best choices you can make. An even better choice would be choosing to stay at Westlake Village Inn. This resort has an assortment of activites and restaurants such as the Stoneshaus. The Stonehaus is an excellent resaturant locted right inside Westlake Village. They offer the best food and pair it will expectional wine.

This restaurant sure knows how to make you come back. Their pastries are homemade and fresh baked daily. It helps keep the flavor so devine and unique. They have pizza, sandwhiches, and biscotti that are just amazing. All of thier food is made with only the best ingredients so you know you will always be getting the best qaulity. 

If you find yourself in the Westlake Village area, don’t miss the chance to eat at the Stonehaus restaurant, you won’t regret stopping.

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Enjoy the Beautiful Vineyard and Artworks of Westlake Village Staying in The Stonehaus restaurant.

The Stonehaus is known for its fabulous wines and art, which attracts people from all over the world. It is indeed a fabulous experience to unravel the mysteries behind the wine making traditions here and visit key art museums. Staying at the Stonehaus restaurant will help you do this a lot more much easily.

The beautiful vineyards of Westlake Village beckon you to enjoy the most sensual and delicate of wines, breathtakingly beautiful landscape and artworks that have been created centuries ago. Exploring the intricacies of this lovely place can take weeks and while doing so, you need a comfortable place to stay. Though there are many hotels where you can book a room for yourself or family, nothing can match the cozy ambience of a lovely the Stonehaus restaurant.

Book a Vacation Rental the Stonehaus and Enjoy Elegant and Lovely Accommodation during Your Stay in Westlake

The beautiful Stonehaus right in the heart of Westlake Village is an idyllic place to stay as it reflects the sheer elegance of the surroundings. Upgraded into modern hotel, the Stonehaus restaurant provides a place where you are provided everything from bed and breakfast to travel arrangements. Staying your time here is like spending time in a small palace with refreshing, stylish and historical interiors highlighted with modern innovations that give you comfort, serenity and luxury.

The Stonehaus restaurant is very affordable and usually has enough rooms for a large family. You can book by calling up the management during any part of the week. Usually the Stonehaus is suited close to vineyards, giving you a fabulous view of the place, enabling you to enjoy it at close quarters. Sightseeing arrangements can be done by calling up the local travel operator, who will give various packages. You can also make you own package and hire a chauffeur to visit various places.

The Stonehaus restaurant provides fine accommodation that offers quick access to key places of interest. It is will be spacious, beautifully decorated and have enough facilities for not just small family but a large family of five or six as well as a pet. After sightseeing during the day, unwind with deliciously cooked food from a professional chef and take a stroll through the lovely meadows and private garden attached to the restaurant. The mood enjoyed while sightseeing during this moment is reflected in the wine, food and art of the restaurant making you feel perfectly at ease and full of enjoyment , like nowhere else.

The Mediterraneo Happy Hour

During the happy hour, bars normally offer drinks at reduced price. Recently though, Great food chains and top of the class restaurant are also adjusting to the happy hour notion. Mediterraneo restaurant is one of them. It is acclaimed to be one of the highly rated restaurant to offer Happy Hour. It will give you a chance to relish some of their specials in the house drinks and food at 50% off.One will get to experience European kind of dining with a bit of Californian inspiration in Westlake Village. Happy hour in Westlake Village at the Mediterraneo begins from 4 pm to 7 pm from Mondays to Fridays.The Menu for happy hour comprise of dishes like fried calamari drizzled with arrabiata sauce. Visitors can also enjoy their meshed chicken with garden-fresh and crunchy romaine hearts, crispy croutons, and juicy meshed chicken, parmesan and parmagiano shavings. Relish also margherita, which is a mixture of mozzarella, pomodoro, and basil that are fresh. You can also enjoy a spicy lamb spieldini, and arancini too. Mediterraneo also has a variety of drinks and cocktails, such as chardonnay or red blend stonehaus wines, karma Tequila margaritas and the refreshing Zonin Prosecco wine and much more.

Dining at The Westlake Village restaurant Inn

From fresh regular cooking to enticing mixed drinks and refined wines the Westlake Village inn restaurant offers three particular eateries to appreciate amid your stay with us. Whatever your taste in feasting, our resort serves a remarkable affair that is made to arrange. Also, for your amusement, we are satisfied to display unrecorded music on the property consistently.

Experience a chic European winery locally at the Westlake Village inn restaurant. Composed as a culinary haven for nearby occupants and restaurant visitors, Stonehaus is a luxurious natural dinner and winery settled among the old development olive trees of the Inn’s private vineyard, making a perfect setting unwind over crisp, ranch to table occasional nourishment and refreshments. The Tuscan-styled building is an energetic café by day, transitioning into a European-style winery in the evenings into the night. Amongst stone chimneys and wellsprings, visitors appreciate unrecorded music and a grant-winning wine list and in addition, a menu supplemented with level bread, Panini and other little plates. Their standard restaurant is full of delicious food that is worth trying while in the area.


Dining at an upscale restaurant need not be a costly affair at all. Drinks and cuisine at happy hour is just the thing to look out for at Mediterraneo restaurant in Westlake Village. The dishes on offer at this special time are amazing treats that will indeed satisfy palates.

Take advantage of such offers and enjoy the full benefits of pampered service that comes at an affordable cost. Some food and drinks go well together. Chef’s delight is something to look forward to each and every time.

With so many combinations to choose from, it is absolutely necessary to book for special promotions aimed to treat esteemed guests with savory treats. An irresistible tasty food together with a cold drink to wash it all down is always a memorable feeling that leaves more to be desired.

Friendly service will cater to the guest’s preferences as well as other needs. Feel free to try out such amazing offers and excellent service.


The Best Catering Services to let You Unwind

Mediterraneo in Westlake Village, California is what you would describe as a romantic setting focused on getting you sated with the local delicacies and their amazing happy hour.

From Monday through Friday, the catering is meant to spark enjoyment and peace of mind. You can enjoy breakfast with your family, treat your colleagues to a sumptuous lunch or, host your significant other for an unforgettable dinner within the classic and contemporary setting of the Mediterraneo.

Mediterraneo offers you an exotic scenery too. With the beautiful gardens and the vineyards, this is Westlake Village’s most romantic place. For the catering staples you should expect, there are Italian, French and Greek menus.

Catering at the Mediterraneo overlooking the private lake takes your experience to the next level. Just as the name suggests, you will be sure to get served with the best Mediterranean and California dishes. If you want to learn more about the Mediterraneo, contact them through their website.

Wine Tasting The European Way

Wine tasting can be an exceptionally good experience. Add that to having to taste the wine in a totally new environment and it may be the best treat ever. If you are anywhere near LA, this is good news for you.
The Stonehaus is located in, Westlake Village, CA. Many people who have been there even for coffee, let alone wine tasting, confess that it was a treat they can go back for all over again. 
During those chilly fall evenings, you can always enjoy the acoustic live bands as you sit by the fire place and the waterfall nearby. The environment itself gives you a little of Europe as you taste the luxurious and sample them with well paired appetizers. This can be safely termed as the little Italian vacation you have been dreaming of. What’s more? Most new wines many people want to taste are European. You can now guess how well matched the wine tasting and Stonehaus are.


Westlake village CA is a planned community that is home to the Westlake Village Inn. Westlake Village Inn is among the top employers in this community. It is home to a number of businesses especially hotel bars one of them notably being the Bogie’s bar. Bogie’s is the perfect hotel bar for unwinding especially after a long working day. It provides the privacy and convenient place to hang out with friends and while the time away.

The menu at Bogie’s is different for every day of the week. It prides itself for providing the best in cuisine and drinks. On Monday is service industry night, every Tuesday is games and crafts night, Wednesday is the salsa night, while Thursday is the jazz and blues night, Friday is the club night and the same applies to Saturday as well. Throughout the week there is a designated time for happy hour for each day.