The Best of Bars in Westlake Village

The thing about bars is they get a bad reputation. They get the reputation that they are sticky, dirty, dark, and loud. That is not the case for all the bars in the Westlake Village area. The Mediterraneo are a restaurant in Westlake Village that can offer you a great bar experience. If you are looking to go out and hang out a bar but want a sense of elegance, then you have come to the right place. This is a bar you actually want to go to. It has more of the restaurant vibe than the stereotypical bar space. It means that you have the space to talk to your friends and not have to worry about it being too dark or dirty.


This magnificent Westlake Village bar gives you what you have always wanted. A nice place to go out and have a drink with a friend. You can even order off their menu so you can get more than just a drink. The food at the Mediterraneo is way better than any bar food you would typically get. This is the bar experience that everyone should get to see for themselves.

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