Monthly Archives: September 2020

A Great Live Music Bar in Westlake Village

It’s been a rough year I think we all can agree. It was a long time of not seeing our friends, not going out to parties, not hitting the bar scene, and not living our normal lives. Let Bogie’s Bar help you get back to that normal feeling. Bogie’s Bar is a bar located in Westlake Village that wants to help those who felt a little lost during the uncertain times. Why don’t you come on down to this bar and check out their live music? It does not happen every day, but it happens often enough that they are known for their live music. Coming out and just having a drink while listening to a live band can help you feel like your life and the world is getting back to normal.


This live music bar in Westlake Village loves to put on a show for its guests. So grab a drink, order off the menu and sit back and just enjoy life. Enjoy the music, enjoy being out of the house, enjoy being with your friends. This is a time when community is important. Be sure to support your local business, be sure to take care of yourself, and be sure to enjoy the little things in life such as some live music at a nice bar.