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A Lively Westlake Village Bar

California is well known for many things and their wine is one of those things. People will travel all over to try it. The Mediterraneo is a bar in Westlake Village that gives off an eloquent vibe to try all the wines that California has to offer. It has an elegance that most bars do not have, so you’re not rushing to get out just so you can hear what your friends was saying. It is just a great environment to grab a glass of wine or a cocktail with friends or a great meeting place for a first date.


The Mediterraneo is a restaurant located in Westlake Village. It is a part of the Westlake Village Inn properties which include the hotel Westlake Village Inn, a bar Bogie’s Bar, and a coffee and wine bar The Stonehaus. Since it is a part of an established hotel they have very high standards. They want to have a wonderful atmosphere for their guests as well as people just stopping in for the night. You will need to check out each of the properties to get the full feel of the area. Each offers something different and something new you will need to check out.

Bar Located in Westlake Village.

When people think of a bar, they tend to think of dirty, loud, and crowded places that you don't want to spend your time. Bogie's Bar in Westlake Village is the oppostie of all of those thoughts. It's a clean and elegant bar. It's a place you'd feel proud bringing a date to, or be happy that a date brought you to. 


This Westlake Village bar, has an array of food and beverages to choose from, which can keep you there all night! You come for the drinks but stay for the atmosphere. They have wines, cocktails, and beers for you to choose from. They even offer an incredible happy hour Monday-Friday until seven at night! Giving you and your friends ample amount of time to take advantage of their deals. If you find yourself in the Westlake Village are, head into Bogie's Bar.

A Catering Restaurant in Westlake Village – The Mediterraneo

When you have an event odds are you want to feed your guests. It could be a small get together or a huge party, either way food is vital. Most cases you have so many other things you're in charge of that cooking just seems like too much work. That's why there are catering options! In Westlake Village, The Mediterraneo restaurant has a great catering menu. 


Be sure to check out The Mediterraneo if you need catering in Westlake Village. They can help you in catering your wedding or even just a business meeting. There are a premiere catering company that can accommodate any needs you may have. Hire your caterer with confidence!

Winery in Westlake Village Area

The Stonehaus is a restaurant located in Westlake Village that is known more for it's wine. While the food they serve is delicious their wine is devine. There goal is to make you have the best wine experiance you can from the comfort of a resort.


The wine selection at this winery will have you coming back to try them all. They have wine pairings as well as wines just to drink alone. They range from red wines to dessert wines. The Stonehaus has a wine for every occasion. This Westlake Village winery is a perfect date night spot.

Happy Hour Bar in Westlake Village Can Save You Money

Did you know that the Happy Hour bar is one of the best moments to have a wonderful time? It does not matter where you live. There is a possibility that most of the bars in your area enjoy a special time each day. This event is not limited to bars, but many restaurants offer these special moments to encourage more customers to go home for a good time. There is a reason why Bogie's Bar happy hour is very popular in the food and beverage industry. It is one of the few occasions when anyone can go to their favorite restaurant or bar and order their favorite drinks and snacks at a very reasonable price.


Although many restaurants offer this special time, this does not always coincide with other establishments in the area. Many restaurants offer this schedule between peak hours to keep customers running. It does not matter why you choose a happy hour bar in Westlake Village like Bogie's Bar. Keep in mind that drinks are not only cheaper; they are also tested. If you have a limited budget but need some drinks, just call and find out the discount hours in your favorite bars and restaurants.


Get in touch with some of your friends and ask them if they want to leave. Believe it or not, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience the best that many places can offer without spending a fortune. You can try as many drinks as possible and pay only a fraction of the normal price. So you have more money to order something or spend it elsewhere.


Westlake Village Catering

Catering has long been an incredibly relevant and popular service. With the help of experienced staff, you will not be difficult to organize a festive banquet or buffet in the open air as soon as possible. This service allows us to save time and sometimes money. The Mediterraneo, Westlake Village restaurant offers catering. 


In this regard, recently there are more and more companies that are professionally engaged in catering, organizing celebrations and holidays. Therefore, the question arises involuntarily: how can one choose the best catering service out of all this set?


In fact, everything is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. We decided to give you a few tips to help you make the right choice. We very much hope that this advice will help you organize an unforgettable buffet table or banquet in honor of an important and significant event.


The Mediterraneo offers you the right tips on how to know you're choosing the right catering restaurant in Westlake Village.


Coffee House in Westlake Village

Requirements for the operation of a coffee house in Westlake Village such as The Stonehaus

To open a restaurant, you first need a trade license from Westlake Village. In addition to the business registration, a restaurant permit is required (also called restaurant license or simply a concession), if you want to offer the guests besides meals also alcoholic beverages. Self-employed persons, in turn, need other documents, such as a tax clearance certificate from the tax office, a current police certificate of good conduct, commercial insurance and a health certificate from the health department.


You can not apply for the restaurant license until you have the rental or lease agreement for the premises. Coping with bureaucracy takes time and costs. Inform yourself in good time at the relevant offices and authorities, so that you know what to expect when you want to open a restaurant in your city. And expect to receive a visit from the health department soon after setting up a business – hygiene checks are mandatory in the catering industry and will take place regularly in the years after the reasoning. Go to The Stonehaus in Westlake Village for a coffee house.

The Best Restaurants In Westlake Village

If you need to be close to the attractions and stay in a charming-place in the city, Westlake Village is a decent bet. The area is sensationally beautiful !!! You will appreciate a combination of a wide range of dining options, from high quality food to family friendly. Numerous Westlake Village restaurants like Bogie's Bar foundations will accept your call and head reservation.

If you are worried about stopping, it is for the most part measured and hard to find; however, numerous-restaurants offer valet service for the administration of their supporters. The adjoining territory is beautiful with the old Spanish engineering and the attractiveness of the old world. You can appreciate the beautiful night air of Westlake-Village as you walk after having feasted, visiting the beautiful-boutiques that line the promenades. The group is for the most section exclusive and the neighborhoods which surround it are protected. Have dinner a the best restaurant in Westlake Village, Bogie's Bar.

Virtually everything you could consider under the sun to eat could be found somewhere on the Westlake-Strip.

Brunch in Westlake Village

Are you looking for a new brunch spot? Do you and your friends wait all week for your brunch date? Then you need to check out The Mediterraneo restaurant in Westlake Village. This restaurant has brunch in Westlake Village. Brunch is huge right now. At The Mediterraneo have a variety of things to offer. 


One main part of their menu is based around chickens. They have egg options for every person in your family. They even have lighter options such as fruit for other people who are looking for healthier options. If you need a restaurant in Westlake Village then the Mediterraneo is where you need to stop by.

The True Costs of Starting a Bar in Westlake Village.

While setting up your Bogie's Bar money related course of action, you should show an insight of the expense of beginning up the business before a penny of compensation comes in. Focus on studying the running with key classes. Leasehold Improvements Leasehold upgrades, portrayed as foundations and additions to the space made by the occupant, can be an essential expense, particularly if the space was not starting late utilized as a bar. Lighting foundations, sound gear, corners, the bar itself, and extra rooms are all around united into this class. Bogie's Bar is the best Westlake Village Bar.


Before beginning the long strategy for bantering with the greater part of the major legitimately restricting workers to do the required work, consider chatting with somebody who has opened a for all intents and purposes indistinguishable business, for example, a bar or coffee shop, to get a ballpark feeling of what the expenses may show.


Affirming The alcohol give can be a wide expense, yet made by getting this concede can develop this cost significantly further. It might be beneficial to use an expediter on the off chance that you are normal with the adjoining and state government application process. Past the alcohol permit, you should pay for breaker and a general business allow, and more then likely an affirmation from the state or near to power of flourishing which deals with the protected association of sustenance and refreshments. Once more, chatting with somebody who has experienced the methodology before can give you a topdown proportion of these costs which you can detach further later on. Gear You should spend indispensable aggregates on dishes, bar devices, and furniture. FInd the best bar in Westlake Village.


Kitchen gear will rely on the sorts of sustenance you mean to serve near to refreshments. On the off chance that you settle on condition through the decision of express glasses or furniture, these expenses might be higher than something else. Get inventories from vendors of bar gear to assess these expenses. POS System The POS or purpose behind offer structure revives the association framework by enabling bartenders to utilize the thing to pick drinks, discover the cost, and make change. While only a single one out of each odd bar has a POS structure, it makes a control on bar exchanges by record the plans and making a twofold check framework for stock.


Progressing Propelling endeavors and legwork before you open your sections are combined into start up expenses. Putting the perfect extent of cash into profitable publicizing philosophies before opening will put your bar in the correct position to get straight genuine when you open. Take a gander at the expenses of every system relying on the scale you wish to accomplish. Working Capital Working capital is an extra help of money which directs your Bogie's Bar to the point where the advancing toward money from game plans is more obvious than the money going out for every single working cost. Just by making a compensation articulation for your first year would you have the ability to study how much functioning capital you should demonstrate a sound bank balance dependably. On the off chance that you come up short on money and are late in paying your dealers you chance being boycotted by alcohol wholesalers, foreseeing that you should pay money down.