A Wonderful Bogie’s Bar Westlake Village Happy Hour

Are you looking to go out tonight? Are you looking to try something new? A place that could exceed your typical bar and happy hour expectations? Then you have got to try this Westlake Village bar, Bogie’s Bar. This is a place that is elegant, a place that will give you the club experience you were looking for. Not only is this a bar that you will want to come to at any time, but they also offer an amazing Westlake Village happy hour. The prices of their drinks are lowered, which give you the chance to try more of their signature cocktails.


This happy hour at Bogie’s Bar in Westlake Village is even more than just cheaper, but still delicious drinks. They also offer their happy hour to their meal menu as well. It is a great way to try some new foods at a lower cost. When you are looking for a happy hour be sure to hit up Bogie’s Bar. It is always a good time to experience something new and exciting. Why not have tonight be the night you try something new and fun. And why not make the night of trying new things be trying a happy hour.

A Westlake Village Restaurant

Everyone wants to try new places to eat. You get bored ordering the same options from the same menus over and over again. You want to spice up your eating habits, elevate your taste buds, and give you and your friends a change of pace. The way you can do that is by trying the Westlake Village restaurant, The Stonehaus. This give you the option to try a new place. Trying a new place to eat can really expand the adventure in you. You can come on down to The Stonehaus for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The menus for lunch and dinner are the same, but your breakfast option changes it up a bit. This gives you the chance to come back to the same place but for different experiences depending on the time of day.


If you come for dinner they even have some amazing wine pairings to go with their meals. This restaurant has a wine bar in it as well which makes it a really great place for date night. You can have a great meal paired with a great wine. When you are looking for a place to eat whether it be for lunch or dinner try out the Westlake Village restaurant, The Stonehaus. They have the perfect menu for the whole family to enjoy. You can take your friends, your family, or a date to this amazing restaurant.

A Local Westlake Village Coffee Shop

Is the cup of coffee you’re making at home just not cutting it anymore? Does it just taste fake, or not as good as it used to? Do you just want something different from your morning routine? Are the local chains just like the coffee you can make at home by yourself? But do you still need your coffee fix? That is when you need to try something different, something more fresh. You need to get out an experience a local Westlake Village coffee shop. A coffee shop that can give you just what you have been missing from your morning brew.


The Stonehaus are a Westlake Village café, that can give you more than a coffee chain can. They make fresh coffee every day, coffee that tastes amazing. The coffee they make can come in a variety of flavors to suit whatever kind of a coffee day you are feeling. If you hate drinking the same coffee every morning, then The Stonehaus is perfect for you, they have so many different options of coffee that you could try something completely different every day, giving you variety and great tastes.

A Lively Westlake Village Bar

California is well known for many things and their wine is one of those things. People will travel all over to try it. The Mediterraneo is a bar in Westlake Village that gives off an eloquent vibe to try all the wines that California has to offer. It has an elegance that most bars do not have, so you’re not rushing to get out just so you can hear what your friends was saying. It is just a great environment to grab a glass of wine or a cocktail with friends or a great meeting place for a first date.


The Mediterraneo is a restaurant located in Westlake Village. It is a part of the Westlake Village Inn properties which include the hotel Westlake Village Inn, a bar Bogie’s Bar, and a coffee and wine bar The Stonehaus. Since it is a part of an established hotel they have very high standards. They want to have a wonderful atmosphere for their guests as well as people just stopping in for the night. You will need to check out each of the properties to get the full feel of the area. Each offers something different and something new you will need to check out.

Bar Located in Westlake Village.

When people think of a bar, they tend to think of dirty, loud, and crowded places that you don't want to spend your time. Bogie's Bar in Westlake Village is the oppostie of all of those thoughts. It's a clean and elegant bar. It's a place you'd feel proud bringing a date to, or be happy that a date brought you to. 


This Westlake Village bar, has an array of food and beverages to choose from, which can keep you there all night! You come for the drinks but stay for the atmosphere. They have wines, cocktails, and beers for you to choose from. They even offer an incredible happy hour Monday-Friday until seven at night! Giving you and your friends ample amount of time to take advantage of their deals. If you find yourself in the Westlake Village are, head into Bogie's Bar.

A Catering Restaurant in Westlake Village – The Mediterraneo

When you have an event odds are you want to feed your guests. It could be a small get together or a huge party, either way food is vital. Most cases you have so many other things you're in charge of that cooking just seems like too much work. That's why there are catering options! In Westlake Village, The Mediterraneo restaurant has a great catering menu. 


Be sure to check out The Mediterraneo if you need catering in Westlake Village. They can help you in catering your wedding or even just a business meeting. There are a premiere catering company that can accommodate any needs you may have. Hire your caterer with confidence!

Winery in Westlake Village Area

The Stonehaus is a restaurant located in Westlake Village that is known more for it's wine. While the food they serve is delicious their wine is devine. There goal is to make you have the best wine experiance you can from the comfort of a resort.


The wine selection at this winery will have you coming back to try them all. They have wine pairings as well as wines just to drink alone. They range from red wines to dessert wines. The Stonehaus has a wine for every occasion. This Westlake Village winery is a perfect date night spot.

Wedding Venue Location in Westlake Village

Besides being a top destination for a honeymoon, wedding location in Westlake Village Inn is a lovely location especially for weddings. Getting married in Westlake Village Inn is certainly one of the most beautiful and exotic experiences that can exist uncontaminated nature, one of the most varied and spectacular underwater world in the world, crystal clear sea and expanses of talc-colored beaches, are just some of the features that make this place, an enchanted place!


The Westlake Village Inn, Westlake Village resort is one of the best places to stay, due to its wonderful rooms with close proximity to the wedding venue areas.

Happy Hour Bar in Westlake Village Can Save You Money

Did you know that the Happy Hour bar is one of the best moments to have a wonderful time? It does not matter where you live. There is a possibility that most of the bars in your area enjoy a special time each day. This event is not limited to bars, but many restaurants offer these special moments to encourage more customers to go home for a good time. There is a reason why Bogie's Bar happy hour is very popular in the food and beverage industry. It is one of the few occasions when anyone can go to their favorite restaurant or bar and order their favorite drinks and snacks at a very reasonable price.


Although many restaurants offer this special time, this does not always coincide with other establishments in the area. Many restaurants offer this schedule between peak hours to keep customers running. It does not matter why you choose a happy hour bar in Westlake Village like Bogie's Bar. Keep in mind that drinks are not only cheaper; they are also tested. If you have a limited budget but need some drinks, just call and find out the discount hours in your favorite bars and restaurants.


Get in touch with some of your friends and ask them if they want to leave. Believe it or not, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience the best that many places can offer without spending a fortune. You can try as many drinks as possible and pay only a fraction of the normal price. So you have more money to order something or spend it elsewhere.


Westlake Village Catering

Catering has long been an incredibly relevant and popular service. With the help of experienced staff, you will not be difficult to organize a festive banquet or buffet in the open air as soon as possible. This service allows us to save time and sometimes money. The Mediterraneo, Westlake Village restaurant offers catering. 


In this regard, recently there are more and more companies that are professionally engaged in catering, organizing celebrations and holidays. Therefore, the question arises involuntarily: how can one choose the best catering service out of all this set?


In fact, everything is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. We decided to give you a few tips to help you make the right choice. We very much hope that this advice will help you organize an unforgettable buffet table or banquet in honor of an important and significant event.


The Mediterraneo offers you the right tips on how to know you're choosing the right catering restaurant in Westlake Village.